Narda Gabriela Paredes Romero (1989) was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia. She is the designer and owner of NARDA Bolivian Handmade, the first brand of luxury shoes made in Bolivia

She is a Business Administrator and has a master’s degree in Marketing and Commercial Management, but from an early age her passion were shoes and she always had a great curiosity for the development of these. Thus, after completing university life, she decides to learn the craft of producing handmade shoes and dedicate herself to the world of design.

The young artist learned to design shoes at a specialized school in Peru where she became an expert in drawing and patternmaking. However, it was in a workshop where she acquired the knowledge and practice of cutting, sewing and assembling a shoe with her own hands. At that time, Narda identifies the great value of handmade shoes and the complex process behind them.

Betting on Bolivia, the national workforce and for the dream of manufacturing the best shoes in the region, the shoe brand NARDA Bolivian Handmade was born in the city of La Paz, Bolivia. This venture is the pioneer brand of handmade shoes in Bolivia. Exclusive designs, top quality materials and the workmanship of local artisans, results in the development of luxury footwear and works of art.

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