NAKED is a Vancouver based brand that is all about finding inner balance, acceptance of ourselves, and expressing ourselves freely. We all have a tendency to focus on the lighter things as we conceal and label darker things as evil, however at some point we all have to accept ourselves. I want to help people express their deeper sides and suppressed sides through style with my brand.


The collection ‘NAKED’ being showcased at VFW Fall/Winter 2020 this season is named after our brand. This collection is all about a transition of depth and it’s divided into three separate sections within the collection; ‘MASKED’, ‘SKIN’ and ‘BLOOD’. The collection as a whole consists of tons of black and studs, along with see-through vinyl to expose the body and blood red pieces to lock in the audience. There’s a balance of structure and flow as well as uniqueness and wearability in this collection. “I always prioritize how the wearer will feel physically and emotionally in our pieces. NAKED is something loud but also makes sense to wear out in the real world, away from the runway. ” says Rain, the creator of NAKED


For all sales, pull inquiries and collaborations please e-mail [email protected]


Instagram: @thenakedapparel