Mufaro Mbudzi is a standup comedian, photographer and fashion designer featured at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and recently on Best of the West shows for Just for Laughs Vancouver. He is based in Vancouver but comes from Zimbabwe. Mufaro self-produces his own comedy specials, and in
2020, during the pandemic, he founded Scheduled Meditation!

Scheduled Meditation is a comedy, media and lifestyle brand curating live comedy shows, guided meditations and dance parties! The brand promotes self-expression and safe spaces for women! Currently, the brand is expanding into a talent agency, offering representation for select models and comedians in the international market.


The brand aura is captured by its clothing line, and its 7 brand hashtags: which are as follows:
#spreadesteem #freethechildren #loveyourdream #accessmatters #freetheroyalty #myshowmychoice


At VFW SS23, Scheduled Meditation presents “The Flow State Diary”, a collection of clothing inspired by different spiritual states, and a series of actual themed events that have happened over the course of 2022, for example The Love State, The Goat State and The One State, different comedy shows filmed this year, featuring Mufaro as well as different comedians and meditation facilitators! The shows were filmed for the purpose of creating a comedy film titled aptly... Yes, “The Flow State Diary”. That being said, this clothing collection is the official collection for the film!

The upcoming “DREAM STATE” by Scheduled Meditation is the final live show in the series of “Flow State Diary” events. Mufaro will be recording a brand-new comedy special, 1-800-GOT-JOKES.

You are cordially invited to the Scheduled Meditation party, “Beautifully”, for an after-show celebration on Saturday 22 nd October, at Palm Street Studios. This is the same day as the Scheduled Meditation
runway show at VFW.

S/S 2023


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