Founded as a reflection of her joie de vivre, and as a statement of the designer’s journey to self-love, MOLLY is an esteemed brand established in 2018 by an energetically motivated footwear lover and enthusiast- Wonu Adeshina. For as long as the designer can recall, she embodied a fiery passion and an eye for style. Having grown up with opportunities to see the world through different perspectives, cultures, and traditions, the designer boldly embraces life's challenges & experiences to create innovative and eccentric footwear.


As a dynamic & ground-breaking label, MOLLY constructs novel designs by merging beauty and functionalism to provide an authentic and playful take on footwear silhouettes. Designed to elevate the wardrobe of every daring shoe lover, Wonu Adeshina’s debut footwear collection, The Gemini Rebirth, provides 3 chic ways the award-winning avant-garde concepts (such as The GR1) can be worn. The unique designs offer up to 21 different possibilities when all 3 carefully-selected color tones are collected and interchanged. As a delicate composition of unconventional silhouettes, handcrafted premium materials, and exceptionally prioritized comfort, MOLLY’s first release, The GR1, tastefully exhibits the passion & intricacy embedded into these powerful forces of footwear.

S/S 2023


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