My name is Micaela Rossetti, I am 22 years old and I am from Perugia, Italy. I am attending Istituto Italiano Design and I will graduate soon. I am spray, solar and very curious. I am always looking for new adventures and motivation. I was inspired by my brother’s passion for fashion since I was a child. I decided to begin fashion studies because this is the world which represents me the most and trough it I express my ideas and my passion. 

The name of my collection is ‘’M.A.G.A.’’ ( Make Americans Great Again).It is a play on words and a provocation against the western colonialism and a tribute to the native Americans , to the way they reacted and remained the same as they were before. I was inspired by their culture and their  relationship with nature. The collection is composed by six outfits which are made by Hemp fabric and its natural colors.

My brand is called ‘’THE MCL’’ and is the representation of my vision of the world and through fashion I express myself. The idea of the brand was born in 2020, after studying the strategies of Brand Identity. The name of my brand is my first name without vowels which gives at the same time the ideas of simplicity and strength.

S/S 2023


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