Maj-Britt Kreft 

Maj-Britt Kreft is a German designer specialising in men’s clothing. Her design signature is distinguished by straight cuts, functionality and a mixture of materials and fabrics. 

The men’s collection Wanderlust describes the inner struggle between the deepest desire to feel at home in your surrounding and to create your own world anew. It stands for the unconscious, for emotional bond, inner peace, but at the same time it represents the internal unrest. It’s about breaking out of your everyday life, overcoming your own fear and having the courage to start living. It shows the deep and uncontrolled desire to travel, discover and enjoy the world. 

Inspired by human beings and their feelings, Maj-Britt Kreft designed 10 outfits consisting of 46 pieces which can be combined individually. Although it’s a ready-to-wear collection, each key piece is characterised by the artistic freedom of the designer. The 27-year-old designer chose a male target group to give men the possibility to express themselves through their styling. 

Maj-Britt Kreft studied International Fashion Design at the Fashion Design Institute in Düsseldorf, Germany, and graduated in July 2019. Her collections were already published in the Scorpion Jin Magazine, Miami (Issue 2, November 2018) and in L’Officiel Lithuania (April 2019). At the time of the Haute Couture Fashion Week 2019 Maj-Britt Kreft showed her graduate collection “WANDERLUST” in Paris. To gain more experience, manual skills and know-how, she will be taking a Master in Fashion Design in Milan, Italy.

Website: http://majbrittkreft.de

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/majdesign

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/majbritt.kreft

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