My name is Martina Boninti, I am 23 years old and I am about to graduate in Fashion Design at the Istituto Italiano Design in Perugia. The figure of the designer has always fascinated me because it combines work and passion. What attracts me most is being able to design an idea and communicate it to the world through personal creation that manages to express myself. 

I want to convey energy, transparency, elegance and passion through my clothes.


I used my personal name as my brand because with my creations I want to represent myself one hundred per cent, my life experiences and my point of view on current topics. Martina Boninti is a brand aimed at a young audience of students and workers who identify themselves with the characteristics of uniqueness, determination, professionalism and creativity.


Nsidem is a collection that was created by analysing the times we are living in. It takes as its inspiration a current topic that is electromagnetic pollution. The collection particularly represents the evolution that has taken place in the world, from the natural environment, that is, everything created by the nature, to the technological revolution that has invaded us and on which we are all dependent. The fabric and yarn used is mainly hemp, dyed with natural colours. Three colours have been chosen: Grey representing the fusion of black and white, in this case between before and after. The dark grey or anthracite, representing pollution and steel. And the magenta representing ultraviolet light from electromagnetic waves. In the garments, there are special productions made by the union of fabrics and knits, rips and holes, soiling, coloured threads and knitted strips that wrap a part or the whole body. The creation of the garments is designed to have a change between the first and subsequent outfits, to best represent the technological evolution.

S/S 2023


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