Maison de Couture Signé Véronique Lortie

Self-taught and a fashion anarchist for 22 years, Véronique Lortie prefers creation to convention. Inspired by history and fashion classics, she creates timeless and unique designs.

Several touches inspired by the past adorn her creations that combine look and comfort. The goal is to make people experience emotions when they buy her clothes.

A fan of slow-fashion before the concept was commercialized, durability is not an obstacle to attention to detail.

All the clothes of the Maison de Couture signed by Véronique Lortie are entirely imagined and made in its various workshops in Quebec.

The collection presented at Vancouver Fashion Week is entitled "Renaissance".


Colorful, stylish and comfortable, it represents not only a reference to an era, but also the return to life after a "darker" period... It is also the grand unveiling of her creations to the fashion world.

S/S  2023


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Maison de Couture Signé Véronique Lortie

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