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L’eternel was created by two people who loved classical music and studied fashion in Paris at Ecole De La Chambre Syndical De La Couture Parisienne. The brand started in Seoul, Korea. They have a unique design philosophy where they integrate the beauty of the east and the west into one. The expression of the sensible melody “L'eternel” is shown through an object called clothes. The sewing team brings our designs to life, they create new items curiously and are always special. 

Brand Introduction 

A man who loved classic music and studied fashion and a woman who studied piano and loved fashion joined forces and created the brand; L’eternal. Since then, they have poured their passion and enthusiasm into the brand. After returning to Korea, from Ecole de Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, he worked as a designer in the domestic fashion industry. 


L’eternel takes its brand name from the French word “eternel” which means “forever”. It was born out of a desire to capture our unique sensibility, “eternally unchanging”. This collection is elegant with French sensibility, it has a refined oriental feel that blends the lines. We have prepared a collection with L'eternel’s unique design philosophy, integrating the beauty of the East and the West into one. Not for fashion itself, but for practical comfort and beauty. ​

Sophisticated to fit any body type, elegant and lively, sometimes dynamic and calming. We express the sensible melody of L’eternel through an ‘object’ called clothes.


We strive to create a value that does not change and that still remains with the passage of time.

F / W 2022


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