Le Cour

LE COUR , the art of fashion made direct to skin . Designed to the individuality of the body
human. Master garments created in a day , freestyle mixed media techniques , one of a kind

There is no rehearsal . Get Dressed in a soul grid , Artist / Designer Le cour brings a perfect
fitting style to the body with designing anything custom directly on the skin.
Hand made in the moment , freestyle live designing. Various forms of mold making , 3d lines ,
color shifting pigments. It’s Science , art & sacred order . Art that changes with you , fashion
that lives on , beyond the wearer.

The Garment decides what it will be, as it’s being built. Each design is visualized as it is being
made. It’s becomes a surprise upon completion as the living canvas & designer realize what
has been created.

Every one is different , Once the garment is completed within 8 hours , it then becomes the
master garment , a working piece of art that is made into multiple patterns for all types of
clothing ,utilizing many different types of fabrics .
For 20 years Le Cour developed his signature style designing on the body , opening poolside
cabanas at the four seasons Wailea & Four seasons island of lanai . And currently still open at
the Fairmont Kea lani Wailea Maui .

And as off Dec. 2020 , The Le Cour fashion house / studio lab is now located on the north
shore Paia , Maui.

Le Cour A list clientele started early on, creating wearable art for family’s across the globe.
Then Branching out into the entertainment industry performing on models at events .Expanding
to the mainland , designing live on the body day & night.

Many locations where you have seen this work made @ Saks fifth ave , Emmys , Fox reality
awards , MTV video music awards , Snoop Dogg tour , Hard Rock Cafe , Mercedes benz
fashion week to name a few .

To create bio compatible fashion fits the mission , Le Cour is a journey of the body as a work of
art .