Adorr comes from parents that deeply influenced her eye for fashion design. She mainly credits her love for design to her father who was a freelance designer. Righteously, she carries the torch he has passed on to her. The name Lavelleadorr is the harmonious creation utilizing her father’s middle name (Lavelle) and her first name (Adorr). The illustrious name was curated after she was born. It signals the divine order of the brand by her dad’s name being the beginning and her name being the future. Shortly after her arrival, fashion then became her first love after witnessing her father’s very own design process. With all the stars aligned, Adorr was destined to become the designer she is today.

With a BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design, Adorr has already began to make her lasting impression on the industry. She is an award-winning designer that has had her pieces displayed in the windows of Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. She’s also been officially certified a fashionable genius by Andre Leon Talley himself. Adorr finds inspiration in what visually and aesthetically intrigues her creativity while her drive and passion provide a great fuel for her endless dedication to her artistry. She harmoniously fuses high design, creativity, and wear ability into her creations. Each collection manifests into a divinely unique testament to her ever evolving eye for design.


INSTAGRAM: @LavelleAdorr

FACEBOOK: LavelleAdorr

EMAIL: [email protected]

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