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Lesél (“Le-Sell”) Picou is a 25-year-old self-taught fashion designer. She approaches design fueled by her passionate artistic inclinations and her unique blend of cultural influences. Her Canadian/Trinidadian nationalities, with its admixture of ethnicities, impact her imaginative use of style and colour.


She describes her design aesthetic as “wearable sculpture for everyday life.” Her appreciation for multiple influences  - high fantasy, nature, space, science, anthropology, mythology, and universal art styles - makes up the eclectic pool from which she draws her creative inspiration and defines her signature expression. 


Lé Lesél is first and foremost a Christian brand, through and through, seeking to redefine what it means to be a Christian creative. She wants to create through her aspirational dreams and explore her authentic desire to inspire others through creativity in faith, wonder and mystery. She believes in using her passion for design, organically, relying on her natural and spiritual sensibility. 


The Spring/Summer collection is called G Lofi; This collection is a continuation of the previous s/s collection ‘Golden Hour’. Most of the concepts remain constant, in both collections, such as the play on texture, structure, the use of hard and soft material, and the layered lines. 


The use of “hard'' materials, like cotton, mesh, pleather, chains and buckles brings architectural structure to the design. In contrast, softer fabrics like linen, jersey and satin bring more delicate elements to the silhouettes. The vibrant colours are taken from neon spring and summer nights of hanging out with friends at the amusement park or on a beach. Most of these colours are also seen throughout Trinidad, as a natural part of the Carnival tradition, which to Lesél speaks volumes about the warmth and comfort of her distinctive family life. 


G Lofi ventures into bringing menswear into the conversation, as well. With the inspiration from techwear and fantasy, G Lofi hopes to signal a creative Armour of God.

S/S 2023


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Lé Lesél

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