Kjaer Neletia Pedersen has always been an artist and she personally  creates wearable art with intention. No two garments are identical  and each one incorporates the playful artistic spirit of the artist.  

Kjaer majored in Art at University. She became a teacher of Art in  both Secondary School and at the University Level. Kjaer has  worked in various mediums over the years, including owning her own  clay studio, but has now found a passion in creating with fabric.  

Kjaer makes everything in her North Vancouver Studio/Boutique.  Kjaer enjoys repurposing garments, and also receives pleasure in free  hand cutting chosen natural fabrics and often dying, painting,  bleaching, stamping and appliquéing her work. The KOME Clothing  line chooses fabrics carefully, her line consists a joyous array of  reimagined clothing, along with an abundance of natural fibres  including silk, wool, cotton, tencel and linen. 

Kjaer creates for every size woman so that everyone can look and  FEEL fabulous every single day. Kjaer sells her line in her studio, online and at major local markets such as Circle Craft, Harmony  Fashion Show, Filberg Festival, Edmonton Butterdome and Out Of  Hand. Kjaer is represented locally at the Niche Art Gallery on  Granville Island and the La Differencia in Gastown. 

A feast for the eyes, and pleasure for the soul is in store for anyone  visiting a KOME market, her studio and online too!

S/S 2023


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