Haus of Zuk

After graduating from Blanche Macdonald Centre, Peter began his mentor-ship with Vancouver’s esteemed local designer, Evan Clayton to further refine his skills.

Taking a more whimsical approach with his designs, he’s reached back to his past in the cosplay community and love of video game culture. Creating fantasy-esque creations, that always retain a child-like characteristic. With his love of night life, and entertainment, he draws a heavy amount of inspiration from Drag Queens and entertainers alike.  

His love for fashion evolved into a full on brand with the help of Blanche Macdonald’s Fashion design program, where Haus Zuk was created. A Vancouver based design collective that is more inclined to breaking down masculinity in menswear and focusing more on the sultry side of mens’ fashion. The most recent of his work was his grad collection, a fan-favorite and featured in the school’s media show. With a slight nostalgic nod to childhood cartoons, he used hyper-sexualized silhouettes to create a shocking and taboo runway collection. By using bright colors and challenging textiles he was able to retain the puerile feeling to an otherwise scandalous collection.

Instagram: @hauszuk


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