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Gwen Hine is an American fashion designer, based in New York.  She was formally trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology where  she received her BFA in Fashion Design, specializing in evening wear.  After graduation, Gwen gained valuable and broad experience working  for both high-end luxury and fast-fashion brands. Currently, she is  promoting her own collections and undertaking custom design projects  for select clientele. She makes full use of 3-D design technology in  designing her garments, always seeking to keep up with the latest  developments in the industry.  

Gwen believes that innovation and bold choices are the key to  compelling, cohesive and timeless fashion design. Her mission is to  draw upon varied and diverse influences to bring new and exciting  statement pieces into the world. In her graduating year at FIT, Gwen was  awarded the Critic’s choice award at the annual Future of Fashion show  for her innovative, sporty evening gown. This was the genesis of her  first collection, titled “A Change of Pace,” which will walk the runway  at Vancouver Fashion Week. The collection marries two seemingly  distinct fashion genres, evening wear and athleisure, offering a fresh take  on luxury in the modern world. These versatile and youthful pieces can  be worn day into night, starting with a casual brunch, followed by a  tennis match, and then on to a chic cocktail party. Gwen’s signature use  of strong colors, bold lines, and unique silhouettes are sure to catch your  eye.

S / S 2022

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