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Guido Vera is a Publicist from the University of Arts, Sciences and Communications (UNIACC). After spending his childhood and adolescence in Punta Arenas, he moved to Santiago in 2010 to begin his studies in communications, with the aim of linking this area directly with the fashion industry.

In 2012 he did a Cool Hunting summer short course at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London. This course, together with various activities that he had in the London Fashion Week of that year, became the starting point of his career. Guido, after this trip, lands in his native Chile and immerses himself in the boom of social networks and starts his own blog; Thus, he begins to create content for local and international brands, writing tips and articles on his personal street style. With the latter, Guido has managed to establish a new perspective in the clothing of Chilean men. Guido has worked for more than four years in fashion production, styling, runway assistance and presentations. He is also a content creator for social networks with brands on the independent circuit.

In March 2018, he launched his homonymous project based in Santiago de Chile: Guido Vera, a genderless RTW and accessories brand. In May of the same year, Revista Paula did a double-page interview with his volume I. Vera was named by FORBES in 2020 as one of the 11 talents that are rewiring the sustainable fashion industry, highlighting the textile rescue, traditions and culture of Patagonia.


During 2021 he was part of L'Dossier de L'OFFICIEL as one of the 16 rising emerging designers worldwide. From 2019 to date, Guido Vera as a brand has been present at Who's Next, Première Classe (2019) Caravana Americana (2020) and TRANOï (2021) during Paris Fashion Week AW 2022.

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