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F/W 2024


Yumi Kajita

When she was 14, she discovered a photo in her first fashion magazine that stole her heart, setting her on a path of self-taught clothing craftsmanship. The roots of her creativity stem from her early years, characterized by extreme shyness, where she found joy in communication through her own paintings and craftwork. For her, expressing herself through fashion is akin to playing, involving activities like combining colours while drawing and experimenting with crafty


The origin of this brand can be traced back to her brother's venture in 2017, crafting bags from seatbelt material. Enthralled by its unique texture and form, she launched her own brand in 2022. With a commitment to the fusion of slow fashion and sustainability, the brand actively incorporates materials like seatbelts, airbags, discarded fabrics, and vintage clothing recognized as "waste." It also follows a style of offering products that closely resembles made-to-order production.

Apr 28, Sunday




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