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F/W 2024



wonwonleywon does something that has never been done before. Every product the brand produces is 1 of 1 while selling these products to achieve their philanthropic mission. 

Some luxury brands develop small collections to sell 1000 or 100 of the same products. So, as a customer, you could purchase a product that is 1 of 1000 or 1 of 100. But, they rarely produce products that are 1 of 1. And, if they made any of these small collections, they would only provide it for specific products. For the rest of the products they sell, they mass produce and sell thousands of identical products.

But no brand that sells clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, eyewear, and home products, makes all of their products always be 1 of 1 while never producing any of their products more than once. And this is exactly what wonwonleywon plans to do.

wonwonleywon calls this "one of one luxury," which technically makes them the most exclusive luxury brand in the world. This is because when a person purchases any product from wonwonleywon, they will know they are the only person in the world to own that product, which is the highest form of exclusivity. 

So, as wonwonleywon will only sell products that are 1 of 1 and live by their laws known as "one of one luxury," they mimic humanity. Every human is 1 of 1, and for wonwonleywon, every product is 1 of 1. With this mimicry, they serve a greater purpose than selling physical products. They serve a greater purpose than being the most exclusive luxury brand in the world. They have a philanthropic mission to support people to be the best version of themselves. As we are all one of one, and no one is you, wonwonleywon believes that is your power, so they want to support people to be the best you.

Apr 27, Saturday




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