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F/W 2024


Su Golden

SuGolden Design is a high end fashion brand founded by Sogol and Susan; with Sogol as designer and creative director of the brand. Our pieces take cues from the latest fashion trends and are carefully designed and manufactured locally in Vancouver.

Sogol is a fashion designer who graduated from the Fashion Design program in Montréal. Currently, she resides and works in Vancouver as the owner, designer, and creative director of SuGolden Design clothing line. While her initial focus was on high-end womenswear collections, her recent passion has shifted towards menswear apparel as well. Her latest creations include haute couture designs for both women and men, and her goal is not only to expand her creativity and passion throughout Canada but also across the US and Europe in the future. At the core of SuGolden is our mission to enhance the sense of individuality and empowerment in women and men, with a touch of edginess and uniqueness to make them stand out. Our upcoming collection, set to grace the VFW runway, represents our latest fusion of Haute Couture and Streetwear. Inspired by our passion for blending the worlds of streetstyle swag and Haute Couture glam, the collection is aptly named "Gala First, Streets After." It captures the essence of our muse transitioning from a glamorous red carpet event to hitting the streets for a swag-filled after-party in the winter.

The focal point of this collection lies in the use of sparkly sheer fabrics, bold layered shapes, and the clash of tight versus oversized silhouettes. Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously designed and handmade by us. You can check out and order any of our designs in our boutique or on our website, and for more updates and support, please give us a follow on Instagram!

Apr 27, Saturday




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