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F/W 2024


Stephanie Mould

Stephanie Mould, a 22-year-old designer from Duncan, BC, and a 2022 graduate of the Pacific Design Academy, is the creative force behind Smouldy. Her design philosophy revolves around revisiting timeless classics for younger generations who haven't experienced them firsthand. Drawing inspiration predominantly from 20th-century music and art, Stephanie's work also reflects a commitment to reducing fabric waste. Through Smouldy, each collection embodies sustainability by incorporating deadstock fabric and repurposed or scrap fabric and notions. This conscientious approach to materials aligns with Stephanie's dedication to minimizing environmental impact within the fashion industry. Notably, Stephanie Mould is set to make her debut at Vancouver Fashion Week, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career as a designer. This event offers an exciting platform for Stephanie to showcase her innovative designs and unique perspective, presenting a fresh take on classic styles for a new generation.

Apr 24, Wednesday




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