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F/W 2024


Stefan Shen

Stefan Shen was born with the sense of art and the dedication to creating whose major is television animation. Because of the desire of making the two-dimensional ideas sprung up during he worked as a cartoon character setter, he chose to become an independent fashion designer. Stefan established his own studio based in Beijing in 2015 and started to operate the independent fashion designer brand named QZ SHEN after completion of the refresher course at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

Stefan's designs are more influenced by animation culture. While maintaining the clear lines and large color blocks of anime characters, Stefan is also constantly making attempts and breakthroughs in the direction of deconstruction and reconstruction of fashion. Don't simply add complicated decorations, but give each refactor a practical function. At the same time, people can interact more with clothing through deformation and reorganization.

Stefan Shen considers that QZ SHEN is not only a brand, but also an independently selected character setting. He believes that the state presented by each person is a presentation of his or her own self-setting. This choice includes the choice of style even the breaking of gender. So Stefan believes that the selection of his designs should not be based on gender, but on aesthetics.

Outdoor sports and camping parties have taken off during the pandemic as many indoor gatherings have been banned. Outdoor clothing, which represents a free and cozy lifestyle, became a new trend especially in China. In the Spring/Summer 2024 collection to be exhibited at Vancouver Fashion Week, while selectively giving up the functionality of outdoor clothing, Stefan combines outdoor style with fashion to achieve an aesthetic breakthrough.

Apr 28, Sunday




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