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F/W 2024



Sashezeino is my vision brought to life—a concept atelier and fashion studio where I pour my passion into creating wearable art in the form of hand-sketched, made-to-order designs, as well as one-of-a-kind, ready-to-wear pieces and accessories. My creations stem from an admiration of nature and my experiences around the world, embodying a harmonious balance between individuality, unconventionality, and elegance. Each piece is a carefully and lovingly curated work of art that ventures beyond the conventional fast-fashion paradigm.

My journey began with a simple yet ambitious vision: to redefine luxury fashion by melding traditional artistry with modern and innovative aesthetics, all while ensuring a minimal harmful footprint on the planet and its living creatures. Based in Vancouver, my brand caters to the bold and artistic, offering artisanal, responsibly made fashion in small batches. I was drawn into fashion from a very young age, spending countless hours sketching clothing designs. While mostly focusing on effortless fashion pieces that encapsulates the perfect balance between comfort and style, I also greatly enjoy the design process and creation of the many one-of-a-kind pieces that I've created for my clients. To me, wearing Sashezeino is akin to donning art—it's a celebration of effortless fashion with an artistic touch, marking a commitment to responsible luxury.

Having an engineering background has enriched my path as a fashion designer, allowing me to craft designs that not only push the boundaries of creativity, but also embrace practicality and functionality. Sashezeino is my vision of bringing imaginative and functional fashion to life, translating my adventures into unique, heartfelt designs, and ultimately, wearable art.

Preparing my first ever Runway collection for Vancouver Fashion Week has been a great joy. I will be presenting 8 looks from my Aracoe collection, a black and white walk, featuring pearls, black gemstones, tassels and swaying elegance.

Apr 24, Wednesday




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