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F/W 2024


Salaises Zamarripa


Danisz, Young designer born in the land of cinema, Durango. From a very young age he showed abilities in multiple arts such as painting and dance, at the age of 18 he began his career, gaining experience in different facets of the medium. He is a graduate of the autonomous university of Durango, with training in different institutions, among which the European Institute of Design (IED) in Madrid, Spain stands out.

At his young age he is focused on his own brand: SALAISES ZAMARRIPA, which has managed to position itself in different print and digital media such as Vogue, l'officiel Baltic, Marie Claire among others, being carried by renowned actors, singers, drivers, and models. . . . Taking it to countries like the United States, Spain, Greece, France and soon Canada.

Through SALAISES ZAMARRIPA, Danisz aims to exploit sensuality and drama. He seeks to exploit sensuality and drama, so that whoever wears it can feel like a work of art or a star.

Collection inspiration

We have all been amazed at the incongruity of the fantasy that we can live through dreams. absurd places, things and characters.

Inspired by a great representative of surrealist art in Mexico (Remedios Varo), we give way to

“The Creation of a Dream” which is how I titled this collection in which the nocturnality takes

on all the character and life to enter a metaphysical and dreamlike environment.

Apr 26, Friday




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