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F/W 2024


Luce Wear

I've always been passionate about fashion, design and fabrics. Surrounded by my grandmothers, each of whom had a great talent for sewing and knitting, my vocation was an obvious one. After experimenting with drawing and sewing as a child, I studied design and pattern- making at Studio Berçot in Paris. This apprenticeship enabled me to develop my creativity and technique in a variety of mediums, including textiles, embroidery, knitting and pattern design. Several years of working with different designers definitively sealed my desire to offer my own creations.

Luce Wear is the expression of this passion that I want to share. My motivation: to make beautiful clothes, and to make them well. With Luce Wear, I create comfortable and creative pieces, often unisex, made with care in France. Designed for a wide range of bodies and produced in small quantities.

Each of my collections is based on patterns designed by me in a rather graphic style. My patterns are printed on OEKO-TEX-certified or organic materials. The patterns are complemented by fabrics from dormant stock, carefully selected to enrich eac collection. It's the balance I've found to create more responsibly, imagine my own patterns and have the pleasure of discovering forgotten fabrics. For the autumn/winter 2024 collection, "à la casse", my inspiration came from a childhood memory, a photograph of Arman's "Long term parking", displayed in my grandparents' living room. This memory inspired me to translate the aesthetics of car piled up and crushed in a junkyard into clothes. Bright red, blue and silver to express the colors evoked by this world. The collection will feature upcycled materials, crumpled wool, silk, silver velvet, tweed and shearling, as well as two motifs inspired by the artwork, which will be printed on different materials, notably French terry for the brand's iconic sweatsuits.

Apr 24, Wednesday




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