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Lisa Grodek

Lisa Grodek, born in 1987, is a German-Polish crochet designer and artist, living and working mainly in Berlin. Growing up in the torn beauty of the Brandenburg Oderbruch and influenced by the rural colors of this original landscape, she came into contact with traditional crafts and handicraft skills through her family as a child. At the beginning of the 1990s, Lisa Grodek discovered crochet for herself, which she has been exploring in many different ways since 1997 and has since presented in publications and own exhibitions all over europe and first places in design awards in Dortmund and London.


The clothing of the fashion and design brand Lisa Grodek is the sensual expression of feminine grace and classic elegance. The meticulous workmanship, the passionate attention to detail and the deceleration of the creation processes as well as the materials that guarantee sustainability and longevity are essential design features of each of the unique garments and accessories. The Lisa Grodek brand represents innovative crochet in the classical period and takes a revolutionary approach to the crinoline fashion of 1842-1870 in combination with elements from the late Renaissance, early Baroque fashion and design elements from the 1920s to 1960s. Lisa Grodek replaces the fabric materials originally used in these fashion eras exclusively with high-quality yarn.


Beauty, clarity, quality and stubbornness - these attributes characterize the current collection "Delicate Mesh" by Lisa Grodek. The urban diversity of Berlin and the pristine nature of the Oderbruch were sources of inspiration. The blue of the river Oder, the earthy colors of brown fields and sandy soil as well as the light tones of the morning fog can be found in the designs as well as the pompous and opulent forms of lavish metropolitan beauty and the extravagant elegance of a never-ending golden Berlin ball night. All the pieces in the "Delicate Mesh" collection were created by hand using a variety of different yarns. Even the characteristic skirt frames under the dresses were made from yarn instead of the fabrics usually used. This combination of pompous, opulent dresses and fillet crochet was brought to perfection in a development process lasting over 10 years through physical and kinetic testing.

Apr 26, Friday




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