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F/W 2024


LaSalle College Vancouver

Fashion is about so much more than clothes – it’s a multi-billion-dollar, world-wide industry brimming with opportunities for those who have the drive, skills and training. LaSalle College Vancouver’s Fashion programs are globally renowned for setting the standard of innovative and supportive fashion design and marketing education. LaSalle College Vancouver conceived its fashion programs with the same attention to detail used in the construction of a garment. The courses were designed to put graduates at the forefront of the industry with real-world skills they’ll use every day.

From the classroom to the runway, students get the chance to showcase their vision at special events, competitions, fashion shows and photo shoots while they develop their portfolio. As designer Ralph Lauren said, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” At LaSalle College Vancouver, we help you bring what is inside you to the world stage.

Apr 25, Thursday




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