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F/W 2024



When HYUNJO HA was 13 years old, she got a kick out of draping the fabric in her relative design house and realized that fashion is one way to express herself. Since then, she has been dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. To overcome her introverted childhood, she expanded her horizons on fashion culture by going to Canada, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Italy, France, and Switzerland. And in her early 20s, she watched fashion show in New York to develop her dream. She returns to Korea with many inspirations, including a short study of fashion design in New York. And she built her own Haute Couture portfolio by creating a piece of work a month and gaining experience in collaborating with various artists.

The first collection from HYUNZO HA is titled 'BLOOD SUNSET.' HYUNZO HA's color and silhouette identity captures the striking intensity of the sight of blood. The designer wants the audience to experience the sensation humans feel when they first encounter bright red blood.

In this collection, HYUNZO HA’s designs blend right-angled silhouettes with soft curves, embodying restrained sophistication. To achieve this, high-quality wool and leather fabrics are used as main materials, enabling the expression of both flowing and structured silhouettes simultaneously.

Designer Hyunzo Ha’s hand-drawn printed fabric is also a detail to watch for during the show.

Apr 26, Friday




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