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F/W 2024



Led by Juhi Melwani, Doh Tak Keh finds its roots in her fashion design education at Parsons School of Design in New York, culminating in her graduation in 2016. Following this, Juhi immersed herself in the fashion industry, refining her craft alongside luminaries such as Oscar de La Renta, before redirecting her focus towards India's rich artisanal heritage, notably collaborating with Kutch's Textile Artisans, marking a pivotal shift towards sustainability, and honoring the artistry behind apparel. This transformation set the stage for Doh Tak Keh's emergence as a prominent ready-to-wear brand, as evidenced by its standout presence at India Fashion Week 2019, firmly establishing its standing among the industry's elite designers.

Despite relocating to Canada in 2021, Doh Tak Keh's spiritual home remains in Mumbai, where it continues to draw inspiration from the pulsating energy of India's bustling streets and diverse cultural tapestry. With a cohesive team of 25 members, the brand offers a transparent look into its creative process through candid glimpses shared on social media platforms. Boasting 4-5 collections annually spanning urban streetwear to indie fusion, each design reflects the vibrant essence and cultural dynamism of India. By infusing bold graphics inspired by street art, local establishments, and culinary delights, Doh Tak Keh endeavours to spread a sense of desi fervour worldwide while upholding its steadfast commitment to sustainability and honouring the often overlooked heroes of the fashion realm.

Apr 26, Friday




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