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F/W 2024



Cassandra, a distinguished local designer, specializes in the creation of meticulously handcrafted workwear-inspired fashion. Her unwavering commitment to precision and quality is evident in every facet of her process, from the intricate art of hand-drafting patterns to the precise stages of cutting, sampling, and sewing, all conducted at her downtown studio.

With over a decade of expertise in tailoring made to order and custom fit garments, Old Fashioned Standards (OFS) has curated a unique fit and style, thoughtfully tailored to accommodate a wide spectrum of body shapes and sizes.

Cassandra aims to provide individuals with garments that not only fit impeccably but also embody them with comfort and confidence. Looking to the future, Cassandra envisions international collaborations and forging partnerships with esteemed international stockists, propelling OFS into a new era of global recognition .

Apr 26, 2024




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