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F/W 2024


Carina Rose Designs

I am a Scottish fashion designer from the small rural village of Doune. As a result of my research, I am able to travel through time and experience some of the most enduring fashion trends that continue to influence modern clothing. By adapting old crafts, I create modern designs that celebrate the rich heritage of the British culture while incorporating waste textiles and a commitment to sustainability.

My collection is called Marys Reckoning and will be inspired by a modern interpretation of Mary Queen of Scots. The collection embodies the strong woman who made her mark in history, evoking feminine empowerment, with a striking array of designs that are both evocative and celebrating of the Beauty of Scotland. A key value of my work is the integration of Scottish heritage and sustainability into my designs.

An array of beautiful Scottish tartans will be displayed as well as recycled leather and repurposed materials. Colours of deep forest greens with crisp apple browns, which are complemented by midnight black, and ends with a royal clash of Scottish tartan.

Apr 27, Saturday




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