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F/W 2024


Bahar Kianpour

Bahar Kianpour is a Vancouver-based fashion designer who specializes in creating ethereal, dreamy, and elegant clothing that exudes a sense of whimsicality that transports wearers to a dreamy world. In Bahar's world, fashion becomes a means of storytelling, with each garment narrating its enchanting tale. Her signature style is characterized by flowing fabrics, and intricate detailing, capturing the imagination of all who encounter her work.

Born and raised in Iran, Bahar's upbringing immersed her in the rich tapestry of Persian art and culture. Growing up surrounded by the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and rich history of her homeland, she found herself deeply inspired to explore her creative nature.

After immigrating to Canada, she pursued her studies in architecture, which provided her with a strong foundation in design principles, spatial awareness, and creativity.

Despite her background in architecture, she made the bold decision to follow her true passion for fashion design and studied at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver. 

During the progression of her  studies she was rewarded with the Blanche Macdonald Centre Award of Excellence, granting her the opportunity to present her debut collection at the Vancouver Fashion Week in April 2024.

Apr 24, Wednesday




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