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F/W 2024


Augusta Fashion

Augusta Fashion & Textiles is a brand that celebrates and showcases the value and beauty of slow fashion, upcycling, and the handmade. We work towards proving that ethical fashion can be innovative, avant-garde, and progressive. We showcase designs that are playful, colourful, versatile and that champion eco-conscious practices.

Launched in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the Augusta brand is led by creative director and founder, Maria Augusta Wozniak. She is a fashion designer and textile artist who makes work situated at the intersection of art and fashion. She considers how dress and textiles might be designed for the purpose of “being” rather than “having” and believes in the power of fashion to exert agency and elevate people and stories from a vast array of communities. Maria’s collections at Augusta break down boundaries and represent a fashion narrative that embraces the fluidity of self-expression.

The Augusta brand features genderless garments, bold prints, and vibrant color blocking. The fabrics we use are either textiles we design and make ourselves (or in collaboration with local artisans), upcycled garments, or deadstock fabric sourced from Prato, Italy.

Apr 25, Thursday




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