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F/W 2024


Antonia Sprenger

Antonia was born in Hamburg and raised in Recklinghausen, the west part of Germany. She found herself entangled in a health drama at the tender age of 19, turning her world upside down. After enduring recurrent pain and a lengthy odyssey of medical consultations, she was diagnosed with a benign heart tumor. Her personal journey through hospital stays and a complex surgery inspired her to establish the brand 6ad Stitches.

After her hospital journey and recovery from the risky surgery, Antonia decided to move to Berlin with a new mindset and strong motivation to establish her new brand there. Berlin, the city of creative minds, has given rise to an emerging fashion brand that is more than just fabric and design. 6ad Stitches, founded by now 21-year-old Antonia Sprenger, is not merely a fashion phenomenon but a tale of overcoming adversity, creativity, and personal transformation. Her slogan “buy now or cry later” gives the customer no other choice to buy the clothes as soon as possible.

Now she has already done several photoshoots, pop-ups, one successful runway show, collaborated with renowned German artists like badmomzjay or josifromdablock and is ready for the Vancouver fashion week to level up her brand.

Apr 28, Sunday




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