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F/W 2024


Amir Sam

"Mutinous Ceremony" by /AMIR | SAM: A Dark Symphony of Empowerment Redefining Vancouver's Fashion Landscape 

Vancouver, Oct.23 – Prepare to immerse yourself in a realm of bold rebellion and audacious empowerment as /AMIR | SAM, the avant-garde fashion designer from Vancouver, proudly present their latest creation: "Mutinous Ceremony." This extraordinary collection is an unapologetic embrace of the darkness within, artfully crafted to empower the wearer by exploring the shadows, unveiling the strength and beauty that reside within us all. 

"Mutinous Ceremony" emerges from the creative crucible of /AMIR | SAM, a brand with a mission to transcend conventional norms and challenge the idea of "Fashion." This collection is a tribute to embracing the darkness within and turning it into a source of empowerment. /AMIR | SAM introduces a stunning and bold range of garments that seamlessly meld edginess with elegance. The silhouette innovation sets the stage for this transformational journey, featuring sumptuous fabrics and meticulous detailing. Whether preparing to conquer the runway or dominate the urban landscape, "Mutinous Ceremony" is your invitation to express your authentic self unapologetically. 

Based in Vancouver, /AMIR | SAM is a groundbreaking fashion brand celebrated for its boundary-pushing designs and unapologetic celebration of individuality. With a commitment to empowering wearers through innovative fashion, /AMIR | SAM has consistently challenged fashion conventions, inviting individuals to embrace their authentic selves and harness their inner strength. Each /AMIR | SAM collection tells a story of transformation and empowerment, creating a unique and empowering fashion experience.A

Apr 26, Friday




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