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F/W 2024


Ai Takemoto

Nolum was launched in Japan in 2010. Since then, our items have been designed, for our customers, to feel like the unfolding of a story. 

The brand started with accessories, but over time my work has evolved to include cushions and aprons, and from 2017 to include clothes as well. Over the years I have also produced children's clothing, wedding dresses, and costumes for photo studios.

Recently, I have been striving for more personal, self-expressive designs, that put into a tangible form those images that we hold when in grounded, relaxed states of mind, connected with nature and the world around us. Through this I aim to make products that, when held, shine a light on people’s inner selves, and allow people to notice the attractive and positive parts therein.

In October 2023, I launched a new brand called TOOI, leading me to begin a long-awaited challenge of making marionette dolls.

This collection was produced whilst reminiscing about my own childhood spent playing with and dressing up dolls. My first marionette dolls will be unveiled as part of the collection.

Apr 28, Sunday




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