Future Perfect



Creating a sense of belonging and unity through the way we dress has been a practice for centuries. In sport, education and vocation, the idea of belonging is reflected through the uniforms and clothing used to adorn our bodies. We use this form of communication to identify our similar values and interests. Lisa’s curiosity lies in creating a social code or uniform in her collections for Future Perfect. Her influence comes from the many cultures she was exposed to living in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Antwerp and London. In these diverse cities, she explored the opposing views on craft vs. culture vs. business, and where these themes successfully intersect. Future Perfect was born out of a desire for creative and playful experiments on the tension between inner and outer worlds of personal expression and the desire to belong.

Instagram: @futureperfect_apparel

Website: www.futureperfectapparel.ca

Website: www.lisamcanulty.ca (previous work)

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