Calgary-based designer, Marisa P. Clark, graduated from the London School of the Arts in 2016 and continued to expand her design repertoire, launching the ready-to-wear women’s clothing line, FAUN, in 2018. Dedicated to promoting sustainable development in her late mother’s birth country of Vietnam, Clark has partnered with an ethically driven production facility Saigon to make high quality, timeless, fair trade fashion accessible to the Canadian market. Since then, FAUN has been stocked in boutiques across Canada and with the support in sponsorship from Global Fashion Collective, Clark has presented collections on the runways of Vancouver, New York and Paris Fashion Week. The Spring/Summer 2020 collection, titled “Mountains and the Moon”, was conceived at the beginning of the global pandemic. It represents the designer’s reflections on time and impermanence, as represented in the constant yet fleeting nature of the world around us.


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