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"Enthusiasm and benevolence are key words of Ermine Paiso's spirit, carried at the heart of its creations, by continuous reflections on the needs of women wearing the brand. Collections are made with great care, in the French Alps, focusing on comfort and elegance everyday.

The label is brand new. Its founder Emilie, previously worked in high fashion textile design, lingerie, scene costumes creation and wedding dresses before starting her activity this year.


The brand offers lingerie handmade by Emilie, made for custom orders or for her own collection. Using materials carefully selected from renowned producers, such as Calais and Caudry lace.


The collection, named night owl, deals with the rigorous atmosphere of fine craftsmanship, mixed with a more bohemian way of life.

The one punctuated by a lot of transports, and nighttime work sessions, which are the daily life of many fashion workers.

Embedded with this duality, the brand focuses on providing both refined and casual touches to each piece.  "

F / W 2022


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