Emily Ann Ives is a Canadian Fashion Designer based in Saskatoon, SK. For 9 years Emily Ann has been mentored by a sewing instructor to improve her skills and knowledge about design, pattern drafting, and construction. Since 2016 Emily Ann has been working under her own brand, Emily Ann’s Designs, to create and share collections that reflect her journey. Since starting her brand Emily has had the opportunity to showcase her collections at both local and global events. Currently, Emily is a first-year Ryerson student pursuing a degree in fashion design.

Emily Ann believes passionately that fashion is a form of art and approaches her work with this in mind. Emily Ann’s brand embodies these values by showcasing garments that are inspired by emotions and are meant to provoke thought and reflection. 


Emily Ann's designs are for anyone looking for timeless pieces that make women feel empowered and in which they can see themselves reflected. As a designer, Emily Ann values the process of being creative and emotional. Emily Ann appreciates the skill and craftsmanship that is involved in creating a design with an impactful statement while also considering its effect on the environment. All the pieces Emily Ann designs are made by hand with the hopes of creating something truly special.   

S / S 2022

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