Emi Jingu

1985: Emi Jingu was born in Sapporo, Japan.

2009: Graduated Aoyama Gakuin University.

2009 – 2012: Studied theatrical performance setting her goal as an actor.

2012: Experienced balloon art as a part-time job. She was shortly attracted by a balloon’s power to make people smile in just a moment; and decided to go with balloon.

2013: Established p0p0 balloon and started her career as a balloon artist, mainly as a balloon performer.

2014: Won the victories of the dress category and the costume category at

Balloon Convention in Japan, “twisters”.

2015: Won the vice-champion of the dress category of U.S. National convention

“twist&shout”. Achieved 7 awards, in total, at many competitions in Japan and in overseas. Held her first solo exhibition “p0p0’s colorful balloon” in Sapporo, Japan.

2016: Won the vice-champion at U.S. National Convention. Ranked in the 3rd place in World Championship. Held her 2nd solo exhibition “p0p0’s colorful balloon, Halloween

version” in Tokyo. Invited to Hong Kong as a balloon lecturer. Decollated U.S. Embassy in Tokyo for the U.S. Presidential election.

2017: Won the vice-champion at U.S. National Convention. Held the first exhibition in NY “Japan twisted by p0p0 balloon. This was featured in Time Out NY and some media. Featured in News Zero (Japanese TV program) and featured in many Japanese magazines and TV programs.

2018: Achieved the winner at U.S. National Convention in Las Vegas. Invited to BAM, the oldest culture center in the USA. She provided balloon clothes at “BAMkids film festival”. Held her 1st World Tour visiting Fashion Week in New York, Milan, and Paris. She exhibited her balloon dresses in the above three cities, the leading edges in fashion.

EMIJINGU: [email protected]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emijingu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emijinguballoon

Website: https://www.emijingu.com/

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