Urszula Luczkanyn, known as Emerald Queen Art, is a designer and corsetiere based in Poland  with a great passion for creating bespoke corsets and dresses. 

The main distinguishing feature of the Emerald Queen Art’s brand is experimenting with the cut  and fabrics which gives the designs original and innovative appearance. During the process of  creation, Urszula combines historical elements with modern corsetry techniques and materials. She draws much of her inspiration from alternative culture and fantasy themes, however many of  her ideas have roots in late 19th and early 20th century fashion. 

About "Time to Waist” Collection: Take an hourglass in your hand and flip it! Allow Emerald Queen to take you for a journey through  time, in which you’ll travel distant centuries, exploring the change of the waist shape and the  history of the hourglass silhouette in fashion through the decades. The "Time to Waist” collection constitutes an attempt to place the corset structures in contemporary fashion. Emerald Queen mixes styles, introduces innovations and combines modern and historical  techniques in a relentless research of timeless aesthetics.

S / S 2022

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