Diabla is born out of the desire to inspire contemporary fashion by the various indigenous and folkloric traditions in Bolivia. Beyond being an artisanal entrepreneurship, we are an innovative cultural movement with the aim of elaborating unique and authentically inspired designs from autochthonous communities acrosss the country and focused primarily on the Bolivian woman.

The brand is a homage to our rich culture, history and heritage. We share the a vision with our ancestors: that of creating garments that are an extension to people’s unique identities. We create handmade garments employing ancestral techniques with a contemporary perspective and style, thus aiming to attract and adapt to the needs and desires of modern and globalized women. As a firm, we promote the artistic development of our artisans.

WEBSITE: www.diabla.com.bo

INSTAGRAM: @diablabolivia 

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Diablabolivia/

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