Cornelia Borgerhoff

The concept behind Acceptance Letter explores my experience growing up as a young black woman in a white family and how that has affected my opinion of myself and how others see me. “You sound white” was a comment made to me often throughout my life from almost everyone around me. Since I grew up going to predominately white schools so it never really bother me until I got older. The idea of presenting whiteness when you yourself aren’t is something that followed me throughout my life and wasn’t something I addressed until this collection.

Heavily inspired by the women in my family who attended Ivy League colleges. The looks pay homage to American prep-school style with the colors and silhouettes pulled from traditional college frat boy attire. I’m challenging myself with this collection to share my response to many of the racial comments and stigmas of my past and present from acting or sounding “white.”

F / W 2021

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Cornelia Borgerhoff