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VCC’s Fashion Design & Production Diploma mimics the real-world fashion industry. Students experience a fast-paced production process while learning fundamental skills and the use of industry standard software such as Illustrator and Gerber CAD. The self-directed final garment project is a student’s opportunity to hone in on their craft and personal sartorial interests.


After two years of hard work, our graduates are excited to showcase their final garment collections. 


Bhagha Shree

Damla Ikiler

Dana Narver

Eldrich Lucero

Jared Guerzon

Jericho Layugan

Kiera West

Lana Argatoff

Miya Bahreini

Quinn Tran

Ronnie Teo

Setayesh Amannejad

Tamia Morgan

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F / W 2022


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