Paloma Solís is the heart of Cocó Paloma. She is a natural-born designer with a lot of love for indigenous Mexican clothing and crafts, keeping an eye on quality and innovation. Her pieces always keep a relationship between her design line and antique techniques such as the waist looms, pedal, and embroidery handmade, working along with Mexican artisans. 

Cocó Paloma arises from a spiritual and collaborative need, in Paloma Solis words - the birth of her project that today helps more than 30 families in Mexico – within its business structure, many of them are expert women in handicraft weaving and embroidery and in the art of sewing, with whom she shares the interest of creating pieces of Mexican high fashion, embodying this remarkable work in every single piece of the firm.


Cocó Paloma's design proposal has managed to position itself mainly for its unique Mexican wedding and gala pieces, and today it has diversified and seeks to impact more segments in fashion by adding to its celebrations line and a ready-to-wear. Paloma Solis is, without a doubt, a woman who has been able to reimagine herself and to make the best out of a difficult moment to take it as a chance to express herself and share her passion through fashion.

S / S 2022

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