CoCo Création

CoCo Création is an ethical and socially responsible Swiss clothing and accessories brand, which works exclusively with recovered fabrics and other materials. In CoCo Création’s workshop, everything is handmade, from sorting to manufacturing and from creation to sale, by its designer Joanie Ecuyer.

Former elite gymnast, actress, dancer, coach, and now fashion designer-seamstress, she decided to combine her passion for sewing and creation with her eco responsible lifestyle.

Because more than four million tons of clothes are thrown away every year, in Europe alone. Because working with the existing creates limits that she likes to push. Because an ethical brand, which makes use of our "old stuff", is good for the soul. Joanie spends hours sorting. Cutting. Unstitching. Imagining. Making. Here, everything is recovered. Zips. Straps. Buttons. Hooks. Here, everything is used. Ugly tablecloths are used to strengthen bags. Upholsterers’ samples colour clothes. Sewing scraps stuff pouffes. Garage chains, jewellery, pearls forgotten in a drawer or florists’ ribbons, decorate the item.

At CoCo Création, each piece is unique, inspired by the material, which its creator enjoys finding in the huge stock she has accumulated. She doesn’t choose her fabrics, they come to her. Thanks to donations of various textiles, which are given a second life. Thanks to sales samples and scraps from upholsterers, decorators, seamstresses.

It is, above all, a mixture of mood and rhythm. It is about getting pleasure from assembling the improbable to create a unique piece. It is about finding the blend between two totally different movements and the space for them to meet.

S/S 2023


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CoCo Création

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