Chalanse is a clothing and accessory brand based in Vancouver, BC, by young Creative Director Serena Kealy. Serena saw immediate success as a young fashion designer in her local community with her brand, Chalanse. Chalanse combines structured shapes with unique textiles and nuanced artistry to deliver timeless style with glam and vibrancy. Chalanse creates powerful garments that reflect innate elegance and confidence. 


Chalanse believes in creativity, equality, and fashion that empowers. The brand name “Chalanse” is a positive play on the word nonchalance (with the S replacing the middle C to represent Serena’s initial). “Chalanse” is a spirit of confidence and engagement. Signature work includes cohesive ready-to-wear collections, bold statement pieces, graphic T-shirts, and unique, stylish accessories. Wear Chalanse - the attitude, the brand.

F / W 2022


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