CÉDELAR established itself as a brand new concept store. Nowadays, everyone finds their own style of clothing. We offer you a unique, innovative and sophisticated line of clothing. Innovation is the key word and the spirit of our brand. A unique fashion experience, a chic classic style with a subtle touch of modernity. “A fresh, attractive and yet affordable edgy brand.”


Finding no brand with strong and original creation, Marie founded Cédelar in 2020. The brand name is pronounced as “C’est de l’Art” meaning “This is Art” in French. Marie likes to mix style between two great components Art and Design. Cédelar is a brand that creates original, innovative and asymmetric pieces with a mix of fabrics and offbeat cuts. Cédelar is growing steadily with an exclusive digital distribution for now; and has the desire to share its concept and vision worldwide through a cross channel strategy.

F / W 2021

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