Blue Tamburin

This 21F/W VFW is the official launching event for BlueTamburin. To fulfill Blue Tamburin’s brand philosophy, ‘Against Every Discrimination’, this collection attempts to empower individuals with the courage to daringly express themselves while imbuing understandings of diversity and being different. As a way of realizing this philosophy, BlueTamburin considers the concept of persona as a core theme. By emphasizing classical tones of fashion that collaborate with blue colour and diverse patterns of denim, a daring fantasy of new harmony will be presented to your fashion life.


Bomin Kim is a Korean designer who has already been recognized on the global stage through the collections of Seoul Fashion Week in Korea, Vancouver and New York in the Haute couture style of women’s collection. She will welcome you to her line of the collection that shows the newly renovated combination of classical sensibility and  a sense of inclusion in the digital era through Blue Tamburin, a new lifestyle brand for both men and women. 

F / W 2021

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Blue Tamburin

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