Berenice Jimenez is a native of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Since childhood, she began to explore the limits of her creativity approaching the  arts, which became a passion for design that led her to study the degree of Fashion  Design in Clothing and Textiles at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.  Using the sensory method, she has created avant- garde designs that gradually  took on a contemporary nuance and eventually gave rise to the Berenice Jiménez  brand in 2017. 

Her work stands out for the innovation of her designs that employ artisanal  techniques of the Aguascalientes culture, made by artisans from the region. Each  design responds to the user's personality, transmitting fluidity, elegance and  exclusivity. 

Berenice Jimenez presents the collection of Inefable Spring / Summer 2022, an  inspiration based on a cyclic love like water, begins with splendid crush like the seas  and gentle as the clouds, by means of vaporous, delicate silhouettes and exquisite  embroidery in warm tones and pastel colours. The disappointment is the successor  phase, composed of gray skies and rain, it takes silhouettes with transparencies  and linear structures in tones that turn dark, leading to a stronger love that allows  to end or start a new cycle with delicate silhouettes and gold tones.

S / S 2022

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